Street Photography as Story Telling

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Many street photography tutorials discuss reoccuring topics, such as focussing techniques, composition, candid shooting, etc. However, I believe that one topic is underrepresented – storytelling. Many composition principles in street photography are the same as in other kinds of photography. In addition, there needs to be some additional element of interest in the scene as well – an attention grabber. I mentioned in a previous blog post that for example Joel Meyerowitz’s key idea is relations. In “Life of a Child“, I tried to express this element of relation. I belief storytelling in street photography is another element of interest often overlooked.

image Life of a child, 2016

Storytelling in street photography

Stories are sometimes subtile and covered by more prominent features, such as light or composition. Sometimes, however, stories are told very strongly, as with the famous picture V-J Day in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt. This picture is…

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10 ‘Walks of Art’ self-guided public art tours in London – City and Bankside, from Monument to Tate Modern

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It was an unseasonably sunny winter day in February, so I took on a self-guided walking tour of public art around London courtesy my new book, “Walks of Art”, compiled by Frances Barry and illustrated by Simon Harmer. “Walks of Art” includes 10 hour-long (or so) tours of permanently installed artworks situated east to west from Liverpool Street to Knightsbridge, and north to south from Kings Cross to Pimlico. On-going.

Art is everywhere, if you know where to look

What’s a girl to do with some free time and a sunny day in London? After dropping into Tate Modern for a quick look around, a little green book in their riverside shop caught my eye, “Walks of Art” which lists 10 self-guided walking tours of public art around central London. Put together by Frances Barry and illustrated by Simon Harmer, a sturdy card accordion-style book opens in one long guide, each 2-page spread showing a simple colour-coded line-drawn map with…

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