10 ‘Walks of Art’ self-guided public art tours in London – City and Bankside, from Monument to Tate Modern

kelise soixante-douze

It was an unseasonably sunny winter day in February, so I took on a self-guided walking tour of public art around London courtesy my new book, “Walks of Art”, compiled by Frances Barry and illustrated by Simon Harmer. “Walks of Art” includes 10 hour-long (or so) tours of permanently installed artworks situated east to west from Liverpool Street to Knightsbridge, and north to south from Kings Cross to Pimlico. On-going.

Art is everywhere, if you know where to look

What’s a girl to do with some free time and a sunny day in London? After dropping into Tate Modern for a quick look around, a little green book in their riverside shop caught my eye, “Walks of Art” which lists 10 self-guided walking tours of public art around central London. Put together by Frances Barry and illustrated by Simon Harmer, a sturdy card accordion-style book opens in one long guide, each 2-page spread showing a simple colour-coded line-drawn map with…

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