Before and After

In an effort to improve my Photoshop skills I’ve spent the last few weeks working with multiple layers of the same photo to see what results I would achieve.  My latest effort was to use a favorite jpeg photo of Sydney Harbor and see if I could sharpen it up.  In my mind it was a little dull.


Using multiple layers I added a high pass, some soft lighting and adjustment curves.  The result is shot that is I think is a good deal more interesting.

After Editing

Let me know what you think.




I had a little free time this morning so I headed down to Fremont Street Experience to do a little street photography.  Towards the end of my morning I happened upon a homeless man just as he had discovered a discarded snuff can and was able to get a shot of him inspecting it.  It wasn’t until I got home and started to looking at the shot in Lightroom that I noticed his hands.  There is something in their weathered  look that grabbed my attention.