Cry Aloud, Bold


At its heart, Cry Aloud, Bold is a journey of silent reflection as I come to terms with my anxieties.  Anxieties worsened by multiple concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries received during a lifetime of military service.  I use photography as my method of mediation to still the swirling chaos of my thoughts.


            These images are a hybrid work of analog photography and digital printing.  I chose to work in black and white to strip out the additional noise added by color and allow the viewer to focus on the internal.  Each layered exposure seeks the capture the external details of my internal struggles.  Each landscape seeks the subtle details of a place.  Through photography, I am able to garner a sense of calming mindfulness.  From visualizing the image through manipulating the camera to creating the final print, the process becomes cleansing.


In sharing my work, I place no expectation on the viewer.  Each photograph is the release of my inner turmoil silently shared with the viewer.  They are thoughts frozen in the blink of an eye.  Allow them to give pause and stir a moment of self-reflection.


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